Sunday, October 24, 2010

Party Time

This weekend we celebrated my brother's 2nd birthday. Two years seems like forever away for this two month old, but Mom tells me it will be here in a flash. I got to see my Grandma and Grammy and Papaw as well as some of our friends at his party, which was my favorite part. I am sure that if I were able to grasp things in my hands or eat solid foods that I'd have found the presents and sweet treats a lot more enjoyable. There's always next year! For now, I am content just keeping people's hands full, like Grandma, Mr. Vance, and Robert.

His party isn't the only thing that I've been up to. I had lunch with Aunt Mimi and Uncle Tim a couple of weeks ago. Olive Garden is a great place to do some snoozing. I also got some time with my Great Grandma. She was so surprised at how much I had grown in just a few weeks.
I also spent some time with my buddy Brayden. He came over one night to play, while his Mommy and Daddy had a date. He and I hung out on the floor, checking out the ceiling for a while. Then I got to see him again when we all went to the apple orchard. It was his first trip, so I showed him all the fun stuff to do. I'm a seasoned veteran, you know.

Each day brings more new things. On this particular one, Mommy styled my hair into a mohawk. Ryker and I have so much fun during the day hanging out. He is such a good big brother! Daddy and his boys love catching the football games each weekend.
Next week I'll celebrate my first Trunk or Treat! I'm going as a football, so check back soon to see some pictures of me. See you then!

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