Friday, January 28, 2011

Photos, photos, everywhere!

Photos near and far. Let's use our hands and feet to count how many pics there are!
Me with Kim. We had dinner with the Kernodles recently. I love cuddling with them.

Me with Robert. I like to take naps with him in the comfy recliner.

Me with Hayley. I love my neighbors!

What are you doing to me, Ryker? What are these things and why do you insist on putting them on my face?

Oh, glasses, huh? They look sweet! Rockin' the shades in my fuzzy pjs...sounds like the start of the next great hip hop song.

I met my Great Aunt Judy for the first time. She has a good knee for bouncing on!

Most recent Mommy photo shoot. Don't I look handsome?

I could smile all day!

How many are you going to take? Hundreds? Ok, that's fine. I will look adorable in all of them for you.

Okay, maybe hundreds was a little overboard. I think that's enough, Mommy. She says she had to take this one and put it on the blog because I look kind of like Uncle E as a baby in it.

Dinner was so tasty! I am an eating machine! I am up to a half cup of this oatmeal cereal stuff each night and boy is it yummy.

We celebrated Daddy's birthday recently. Until I can sing on my own Mom made me this sign to pass along the message to him.

I got this fun snail for Christmas. I like to smile at myself in the mirror. It keeps me busy for minutes on end!

Having a rough hair day, but otherwise all is well!
The last week and a half has gone by so quickly. I have been sleeping sporadically at night. Sometimes for twelve hours, and sometimes I am up three or four times a night. I can't put my finger on it but I think it could be teeth that are troubling me. I had my third start to poke through this week and the fourth is not far behind. Mom is in awe at how early I am getting all these chompers. I am loving tummy time and rolling all over the place. I like to prop myself up on my elbows and watch what is going on around me. I am such a laid back guy most of the day.
I hope you had a good week. I will see you soon with more pictures and stories!

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