Wednesday, July 27, 2011


The last two weeks have gone by so quickly and I don't have much to show for it. Not a barrage of pictures nor a ton of stories. I can tell you that I have been enjoying the scorching hot summer days, though! I have been in the water often. I am cruising all over any and everything stable, climbing up and down the stairs without assistance (don't worry...Mom is there watching), saying "thank you" and "up" and making my family laugh A LOT.

I helped my friend, Andrew, celebrate his very first birthday recently. He showed me how this party stuff works, how to open cards and gifts, and play with lots of toys. He also had lots of tasty desserts that I was much obliged to's my duty as a guest to try brownies, cookies, and cupcakes! I believe that if being a guest is this great, being THE BIRTHDAY BOY is going to be the best! I am oh so ready for my day (which Mommy is quick to tell me is approaching way too rapidly). Can you believe it? I'm almost one!
My friend, Meghan, had this cool "slap" watch (like the old school bracelets, I'm told). It was the greatest thing I've ever held in my hands and I found it to be better than every toy in Andrew's house. What can I say? I'm a guy who knows what he likes.

Speaking of desserts, my silly Mommy just figured out that oreos are dairy free. Who knew? So, I actually got to have a cookie after dinner and wow was it tasty! I will trust Daddy when he tells me it is even better dunked in a cold glass of milk, and hopefully someday I will experience it for myself. In the meantime, the Berry Burst Oreo cookie all by itself is all the bliss I need!

Have a sweet week!

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