Monday, August 8, 2011

Family Fun

What do you get when you take 7 cousins and turn them lose at the Children's Museum and the splash park in one weekend? A whole lot of fun!
Aunt Nessa and Uncle Tyler came down with Cadence, Kyrie, Brayson, Brannen, and Bretton for a weekend of fun with us. Ryker and I decided to take them to our two favorite summer spots: the museum and Mulberry Fields.
The museum was mostly Ryker's realm. I showed my cousins how to climb up the stairs and slide down the slide...over and over again. I left most of the exploring to the bigger kids though. The stroller is pretty comfy, when I'm not sliding or hanging out at the Playscape.

That night, Grandma and Chandler joined us so that Mommy & Daddy could enjoy the symphony with my aunts and uncles.

The next day we hit the splash park. I crawled through the sprinklers and splashed in the stream. It was fantastic! I kept picking up little pebbles and trying to eat them. Mom didn't like that at all, but it did make for a lot of giggling on my part. I really like to laugh at Mommy when she tells me no, and then proceed to do the thing she told me not to do over, and over again!

Most of the week we stayed inside because it was pretty hot outside. In that time I have found a new favorite toy: the Buzz quad. I know, I'm pretty tough stuff (especially without the shirt on). Ryker put the quad through the ringer and it doesn't steer anymore. So, rather than retiring it for good, I started using it as my favorite walker. Then, I figured I was a big enough boy to sit on it. Once I started sitting on it, I thought it wouldn't hurt anything to push the buttons...and that's when I started riding the quad. I only go in short spurts, but it sure is fun!

Thanks for checking in on me...see you soon!

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