Friday, August 19, 2011


Happy 1st Birthday, Deklan!
It's hard to believe that a whole year has passed since we first welcomed Deklan to our family. We looked back on the last year with lots of smiles tonight talking about all the things we love about Deklan. Ryker said that what he loves most about Deklan is getting to play with him. Daddy noted Deklan's laughter as a favorite thing of his about our little boy, and I couldn't pick a favorite so the first few that came to mind were his bright blue eyes, his adorable smile, and holding Deklan up over my head while he giggles and does his "Mr. Wigglebottoms" squirm. Deklan is such a special little guy. He is so independent and adventurous. He is so laid back most of the time, content to go with the flow. The past year was not without its trials, as well. The most notable was poor Deklan's dairy allergy. It was rough to see him so fussy and upset for what seemed like no reason at all...for days on end...and not sleeping through the night for months and months and months. If we'd only figured out sooner that his system didn't like milk I am sure our whole family would have been much better off. Thankfully, Deklan's belly no longer is uncomfortable which has allowed us to see his true personality (silly us thinking he was just a very irritable baby). What a great little munchkin! We are overjoyed by the blessing that Deklan is to our family!
I am coming to terms with the fact that my kids' birthdays bring me to tears. This birthday is a reminder that he is growing up and for me it is going by all too quickly. It literally seems like yesterday that my belly was bulging and we were anxiously awaiting his arrival. Now he is our big boy, bear crawling around the house, climbing up on furniture, and making dog, monkey, and duck noises. I'll never understand how the time passes by so quickly; more so, I'll never stop wanting it to slow down so I can keep them little just a short while longer.
Deklan is changing daily. The other day I was taking a picture of the boys and I said, "Say cheese!" To my surprise, it wasn't Ryker that replied, but Deklan. What a hoot! He now says "cheese" each time I get the camera. Speaking of cameras, we had Deklan's one year photo shoot and wanted to share the pictures with you. Below are some of our favorites. (Photos courtesy of the amazingly talented Lauren
Happy first birthday, Deklan-d! We love you so much and look forward to seeing what the next 365 days hold for you!

Thanks for following along with Deklan's adventures this year!

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