Thursday, September 22, 2011

The pitter patter of little feet...

It has been two or three weeks in the making, but I'm officially walking! This weekend Grammy & Papaw came down to visit and honestly I just wanted to show off. I started at the orchard. I held on to their hands and cruised up down row after row of gorgeous apple trees. When I got tired I'd sit in the stroller and have a tasty treat. Yummy apples! I took a breather on the tractor ride through the pumpkin patch. Then after a brief snooze in the car, I came home and decided to get moving. Here is some more video of my first moments walking. As of today, I'm able to walk from the television to the couch (approximately 11 steps) right into Mommy's arms without falling down. I will be running the bases with Ryker any day!

As mentioned, Grammy & Papaw visited with us. It was our first time having them down for an overnight visit and boy was it fun! We had a great day at the orchard and then dinner with them, followed by lots of playing at the house and then we woke up the next morning and all headed to church and then relaxed and watched football and movies with them. I can't wait to do it again, soon!
Grammy bought us both spinny light toys. We really like them (especially at bed time).

Ryker and I seem to get closer and closer everyday. He is teaching me how to play baseball. I do it just like he does, even down to the tapping of the bat on home plate. I get everyone laughing when I begin wiggling my bat awaiting the pitch. Where do I come up with this stuff? (I'll have video of that up soon.) With my walking now, I am able to return the favor on the Mickey car, too. Here I am pushing him along for a ride!

I am learning new words each day. I sign "please" now when I'm prompted. Yesterday I told Mommy "no" and waved my finger at her. While we were watching Superwhy this week, I pointed to the TV and said "doggie" and then woofed. I like Super Woofster a lot and turn into a total couch potato when he is on television!

I recently had lunch with Uncle Ike. He was making a quick stop in Indy and we were so glad that he did! We watched the Colts take one on the chin, but hanging out with Uncle Ike was so fun I barely noticed.

Thanks for checking in on me. See you next week!

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