Friday, September 9, 2011

Birthday Pictures

Happy Fall, everyone! Last Saturday it reached 100 degrees here in Indy and then the season changed overnight and we have been adjusting to fall all week. Part of our home is thrilled (Mom and Dad) because they love fall, the cooler temperatures, the football, the changing leaves, etc. The other part (Ryker and I) was a little attached to all things summer, like playing outside, wearing shorts and t-shirts, and swimming. Oh well, we've been finding plenty to keep us busy inside. Before I get to those pictures, I thought I'd post some from my birthday. Enjoy!

So what have we been up to? It has been mostly indoor activities. We did some home improvement projects with Daddy (hanging up a new chandelier in our dining room), have been playing tons of indoor baseball, and of course rough housing. We have so much fun! We also have had a couple of movie days with my friends, Emerson and Sullivan. One day we watched the Dinosaur Train movie, complete with dino pbjs and dino cookies. We watched some fun football with them, with cool pepperoni pretzel sandwiches and bags of cheerios and popcorn for snacks. There was also our recent Toy Story 3 movie time. No fun food, just snuggling under a blanket together!

Can I get you another tool, Daddy?

"Running" the bases

I got the remote!

As I bid so long to summer, I thought I'd throw in some pictures that I forgot along the way. Sully and I playing in our matching attire. Enjoy your cool, autumn week!

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