Sunday, January 22, 2012

The parrot...

Deklan has become our resident parrot. It started out with one word and has quickly turned into two and three word phrases. His vocabulary is growing at an astonishing rate, and what is more impressive is the clarity with which he says his new words. He has recently added "potty", "pizza party", "oh boy", "no way", "awesome", "Ryker" and "Emerson" and "Sully", "Robert" (next door, whom he asks for daily and has now started saying "work" right after "Robert" because I tell him that Mr. Robert's at work). He enjoys having both sides of the conversation. For instance, when we hand him something that he has asked for (using please, of course) he responds, "Thank you, welcome." As we walk downstairs (which he is now doing in biped fashion, rather than sliding down on his bottom or stomach) he will say, "Jump? Dangerous. Yes." He used to ask if he could jump and I would tell him that he couldn't because it was dangerous. Now he does it all for me. Last example I will give today...Deklan likes to jump off of things (as noted above). He will hold out his hand and say "Jump?" and then wait for me to grab his hand and count to three as I lower him to safety. Now he will hold out his hand and say "Jump? 1, 2, 3!" He is so funny! 
Deklan is starting to test the waters on rules and limits around the house. He has been our mischievous one as it is, but now he is starting to figure out boundaries and push them. It is quite comical amid all our frustrations. I love the cute little grin he gets as he knows he is misbehaving or disobeying. We've started time outs with him. When we look at him and tell him he has earned a time out (or if we ask if he needs one) he will shake his head no, but say "yes", and then walk to time out corner by himself and sit there. It's too adorable!
They say the second child picks things up quicker because they have it modeled to them by their older siblings. We are seeing this with Deklan, in good and bad ways. The way he is walking downstairs is a positive example of this. On the flip side, when Ryker talks back or throws something out of anger we see Deklan do the same. So, we're working on this with both boys. Deklan really does impress me with all of his energy and curiosity. It is so fitting that he is nuts about Curious George right now (each morning he asks for George by name) because D is surely our curious little monkey.
Deklan is also our resident dancing machine. We frequently have dance parties in our living room and turn up the Veggie Tales tunes and let the boys go wild. They both have a dance that they do to Ezekiel Saw The Wheel. Deklan does all the motions for Lord's Army, too. Deklan's new thing is that he has a little shoulder shrug dance that he does to every other song on the cd. Cute stuff!

The boys have been up to all kinds of fun (see pics below). They have had play dates with friends, fun out in the snow, and tickle time with Daddy. Deklan is eating better as of late which has been a blessing at meal time. He continues to grow taller and his feet are following along Mom's genes because they are getting so long! It is amazing, still, to me how different our boys are and yet how well they get along. I pray that they continue to be the best of friends as time goes on.  

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