Sunday, February 12, 2012

Nothing short of super!

Not sure if you had heard or not, but Indy was sort of the place to be the last week and a half. I like football as much as the next (almost) 18 month old guy; what's even better is unseasonably warm temps in the upper 50s during January/February! As a result, we got to see, firsthand, what Superbowl Village was all about.
Tuesday night we packed up the stroller and headed downtown. We parked on the street and walked about six blocks to the Village. As we walked we saw Lombardi Trophy shaped sculptures in the flower planters, bright colors and signs, lots and lots of people...and then the J.W. Mariott. Wow! As we continued to walk, we paused to watch people flying above us on the zip line. I hope that the Superbowl comes back again when I am bigger because jumping off of that looked like so much fun! 
The Village was pretty crowded on Tuesday (I am so glad we weren't there on Friday or Saturday!) but we maneuvered around in the stroller well. We got to see race cars and hear music. We paused to take some pictures in front of the circle; while we were there we made my favorite stop of the night: South Bend Chocolate Company. We went inside, and Daddy bought us some white chocolate hot cocoa. Mmmmm, it was delicious. We had a great time just being outside and spending time together as a family. To cap off our super week we watched the game with friends, eating lots and lots of tasty treats and keeping our parents hopping.

White Chocolate Hot Cocoa

Here are some pictures from the last couple of weeks. Hope you have a great Valentine's Day!
So tough!

Call me Mr. Independent. I insist on feeding myself at all times these days. It gets a little messy sometimes.

Okay, a lot messy...especially when I'm feeding myself yogurt or anything else with a spoon.

Curious George  Deklan

I like bananas. I even tell Mommy that "I love you, banana!" when she tucks me in for bed. 

I love skyping with Grammy. I even lean over and give her kisses on the computer screen!

Leave the water unlocked and I'll give myself a shower .

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