Sunday, March 25, 2012

Our little leprechaun...

St. Patty's Day isn't usually a big deal at our house. This year, the boys didn't even sport anything green until early evening. The boys' friend, Lainie, is a big fan of St. Patrick's Day (because it is her Mommy's birthday). Lainie came to stay with us for three days and she brought with her some cute little tattoos for the boys to wear in celebration. Ryker and Lainie put multiple tattoos on their hands and arms...Deklan didn't want anything to do with that. So, I talked him into putting one on his belly (because he likes the Belly Button Silly Song from veggie tales). He is kind of shy about showing it to anyone, but he does lift up his shirt and say, "Goodnight Leprechaun" when it is time for bed. Aside from the St. Pat's shenanigans, the boys have been up to fun in the sun. The boys cannot get enough of the outdoors. They love the parks, walks, and the newest adventure: taking their car out for a spin. In addition to time with Lainie, they've gotten to spend time with Brayden on a couple of occasions. We visited Aunt Mimi and baby Avery and got to see Zak, Elizabeth, and Taylor. We've been playing with Brendan and Hay-Hay on their basketball hoop (where the boys like to "shoot it now" and hang on the rim). They also got a surprise park day with Emerson and Sully...and DQ ice cream cones to follow. It really has been non-stop fun for our family!
Here are some pictures from the past week and a half. There will be more to come, too!

D likes his milk.

Daddy started this game where the boys grab their basketballs, run around the room saying "Whoooooaaaaaa!", and then slam dunk the ball in the hoop. They love it. The faces are priceless. See it live here.

Watch D tell you Daddy's other name here.

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