Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring Cleaning

I forgot my camera (as is becoming the norm) the other day and decided a photo from my cell phone was better than none at all. In doing so, I realized just how many photos I had on my camera from the last several months. So, I did a little spring cleaning of the camera. Below are all the pictures that have been trapped on my cell phone.
There have been so many nice days, lately, that we have been spending most days outside. We've hit up the parks, gone for countless walks, and visited with family and friends. Deklan has been running around everywhere. He had his 18 month check up and he was doing well. He is 22.5 pounds and getting so big. He got over his double ear infection just in time to play with Sully and celebrate Rilei's 5th birthday. Those pictures are below, too! Enjoy!
At the park with Grapes Grandma and Brandon (thank you, Brandon, for taking pictures since Mom forgot her camera).

After a great time at the park with Daddy, Ryker, and Mom, Daddy took us out for ice cream. As usual, D was "messy, messy, messy" as he likes to say.

At Flying Cupcake a while ago.

While on our way to Toys R Us to make a return, D was eating a pouch of applesauce. He got a little carried away. Once again, "messy, messy, messy".

Playing at Jolly Days with Taylor.

The one day it stormed last week, the boys went stir crazy. Glow sticks in the bath tub kept them busy for an hour. 

Despite the double ear infection, Deklan was cheering on the Hoosiers. 

Visiting Grammy & Papaw was fun! Grammy took us out for ice cream and Deklan was thrilled!

Pizza party for Rilei's birthday.

Skee ball with the birthday girl and Owi.

Papaw teaching D the proper form.

"I don't think you guys are doing this right. Why don't I just walk right up here and put it in?"

"See, that was much easier!"

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