Friday, June 1, 2012

Memorial Day

The last week and a half has been packed full of fun things: like a visit from Grandma, BBQ and slip n slides, my first trip to the dentist, slushie night, a new Hot Wheels exhibit at the Museum, and a trip to the race track with Grammy & Papaw. Here are some pictures from our adventures...
First trip to the track.

This is so FUN!

I kept saying, "Here comes 'nother one!"

"Yea, Marco!" 

"I make popcorn!" with Grandma for movie night.

I made this face after each basket I made.

Ooooh, there it is again! I'm money from this spot.


Hot Wheels!

We built a fort with Daddy that was awesome!

My new favorite activity: throwing rocks into the river at the park.

I fear no mess.

Got it!

Sprinkler fun!

First dentist visit.

Look at me...I am making the chair go up and down.

Slip n sip...I mean, slide.

Sliding with Daddy and Ryker.

Popsicles with our favorite girl.
Hope you have a great week! See you soon...

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