Friday, June 22, 2012

Fun with friends...

The last couple of weeks have been jam packed full of play dates with friends. Here are some pictures from our friendly adventures:

Slightly cool weather left the boys sidelined in the side yard to watch Vivian partake in the water activities. D did get in a few times, but Ryker was too chilly.

Viv was not deterred by the breeze and the milder temps...she is a water baby!

Got together with Ryker's friend, Leland, from CBS, as well as  Miss Rachel and Julia and Cameron. We had a blast throwing rocks!

Went with Lainie and her Mom and Caroline to PBS kids in the park. I spotted an airplane while we were there. 

Just like big brother...I liked the characters from a distance, but up close I was having  nothing to do with them.

Mom and I on the giant slide.

Father's Day weekend we did all kinds of fun stuff. One of my favorites was popcorn for breakfast. Daddy and Ryker went to get Dunkin Donuts so I stayed home with Mom and when she asked what I wanted (popcorn) she delivered. Sweet!

Father's Day at church. We had popsicles, played golf, and  hung out with Daddy...our best friend ever!

I was Dad's little caddy, and I made this face everytime he crushed the ball down the fairway. 

Daddy Day 2012

Play day with Emerson and Sully. We set up a waterpark in the yard: slip n slide, 3 sprinklers, and a pool with slide. 

I like sidewalk chalk...but it really works on so much more than  sidewalks. I tried it on Robert & Kim's brick, door, and then we made mustaches on our faces. 

Capped off our day with the Spillmans by having a treasure hunt, popcorn, and slushies!
There were even more play dates that didn't make it to the camera. We went swimming with Brayden and Kristina one afternoon, went swimming at Mindy & Vance's with Mommy & Daddy, and have been outside playing almost constantly. How can we not with this awesome weather? Thanks for checking in on me. Have a great weekend!

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