Thursday, August 2, 2012


Well, it seems it has come to this: blogging one month at a time. I'd like to think that this summer has been flying by because of all the fun we're having. Here is our July (and end of June) recap...
We finished off the month of June with a trip to Dunlap, IL. What in the world is in Dunlap, you say? Well, Emerson & Sully of course! Our whole family went to visit the Spillman fam. It couldn't have been a better time. We wrestled, tickled, ate ice cream, swam, rode bikes, ran, dunked donuts, jumped, played basketball, choo choo'd trains, threw rocks, wore out a playground, giggled til way past our bedtime, and boy did we have fun! 

I'll throw this big one.

Okay, maybe this big log instead.

The boat!

Look closely...that's Mr. Daniel completely horizontal to the water!

Soon enough, boys. Soon enough.

So sad for the weekend with Emerson to end.

Nothing gets him down!
July got off to a great start with lots of play dates. We hit the park with Allison, went to the museum with Emerson & Sully, a movie night with Aunt B & Uncle, and had fun with Mom and Dad, too. Then we headed to Grammy & Papaw's house for the 4th of July. We swam all day with Owi, Grammy, and our parents. We had squirt guns and toys that made for some good water fights. Grapes Grandma had lunch with us. Then we lit sparklers in the drive way.

The following week, Mom went to Haiti. We hardly noticed her absence with Grandma around. When Mommy came home, we showered her with hugs and saying repeatedly, "We missed you when you were in Hades, Mom." Just to be clear, Mom was in Haiti, not Hades, and we will work on pronouncing it correctly. We took Grandma to the museum and then eased back into our normal routine by hitting the park and playing with friends including Anna, Jason & Cadence, Brayden, Jalen, Jameson & Jacey, new arrival Jacob, and more Grammy & Papaw time too. I told you it has been a very busy summer!

At the airport...smiles didn't last too long, especially from Mom.

Popcorn & Movie night

Can eat his weight in popcorn!

Homemade ice cream with Grandma.

Pizza Chef

"I do it by myself!"

Racing cars together.

Doughnut maker.

We made this sign for Mommy!

First trip to the library.

Just like big brother.

Ice cream face!

Swimming at Jake & Erin's house with Gabby & Jared.

Taking pictures...of himself.

Horsies with Anna.

Eating all of Grammy's salmon.

Spaghetti race with Uncle E.

Hot Wheels exhibit with Grammy, Papaw, and Daddy!

Walking in "Egypt" with Grammy.

First trip to the zoo.

Ryker touched the shark!

Legos with Grandma!

Monkey bars all by himself.
We hope that you've had a great summer, too! We'll see you soon with more pictures and stories to tell.

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