Sunday, September 30, 2012

Please try to remember to blog in September...

Where has this month gone? It's been whisked away by a brisk breeze, along with the summer sun, and it has ushered in red leaves, hooded sweatshirts, and football games. In the blink of an eye fall arrived. The boys seem to be growing as fast as the seasons have changed. They started CBS Bible School this month. They are in the same class and by all reports have been doing a fantastic job participating and obeying. Ryker has developed some new friendships as a result. It's fun to see him get so excited each week when he sees his buddies. Ryker wrote his name this week (and it was actually legible!). We keep working on our letters and our memory verses (he's up to V). I love watching him grow physically, but watching him develop his faith makes my heart soar! Ryker has been playing a lot, specifically baseball and tennis. He is "pounding" the ball (Ryker's self description of his batting performance...we're going to work on humility later), and he is getting better at catching now that he has a new big boy mitt. He also took his first swings on the court this month when he and Daddy had a few tennis lessons. So cute!
Deklan is back on both legs after getting his cast off this month. He is almost completely limp free. He was such a trooper through the whole thing! He is loving CBS and all the songs he gets to learn. I'm sure that music time with Miss Carlie is his favorite. His teacher told me that he grabs one of the helpers by the hand and insists that he sit down in their lap for prayer time each week. His desire to have things his way has been something we've been battling over the last month. He is strong-willed and I am certain that God will use that to His glory one day...we're just praying that "one day" comes quickly. I have to remind myself that he is two years old and that's just part of it. Obedience won't come overnight no matter how ideal that sounds. He is a sweetheart, though. He thinks so much of his big brother. He applauds Ryker's every victory, no matter how small. He tries to do whatever Ryker does. The one exception is baseball. He hasn't really shown any interest in baseball, despite Daddy and Ryker playing it all the time. In fact, he frequently uses the bat to hit the ball off the ground, like a golf ball. So, D recently got his own club and he's now putt-ing around the dining room enjoying his very own sport.
The month saw several playdates and get-togethers with friends, visits from Grammy and Papaw and visits to Grandma's house. Mom must be slacking because there aren't very many pictures to show for a whole month's worth of fun, but I'll try to get more in October. Promise.
Thanks for checking in on the boys!

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