Monday, October 29, 2012

Super Month

Mom is, apparently, only letting me blog once a month these days. I try to get laptop time but I have a history of popping off all of the keys when I'm left alone with the computer. So now, with parental supervision, I post for October...
This month has been a fun one. As is our tradition in the fall, we headed to the apple orchard early in the month. Word on the street was that there were no apples to be picked because of the drought during the summer. The "street" does not lie. No apples to be picked, but thanks to the dear folks in the state of Washington and some kind people that like to transport things, there were plenty of apples to be eaten! More importantly, there were suckers to eat, hay hills to climb, and hay paths to race. My brother and I wasted no time climbing the hill (or mountain if you're two years old, long and lean, and the wind is gusting up to 60mph). I actually got blown over at one point, but persevere, I did!
One of my favorite parts of the month was going to visit Grammy & Papaw. We got to go there for the weekend and stay without my Mom and Dad. Finally, good ol' fashioned spoiling without any of the parent intervention to worry about. We went to a petting zoo. We got to pick out pumpkins. I got a big one and a little one because what kid doesn't like variety. We had a great time playing with them and can't wait to do it again soon!
We've had lots of fun outside. We have taken in a couple of parks with our friends. One was just like a spaceship. I kept running back and forth on the suspension bridge and climbing up in the lookout tower. It was so fun. Brayden sure does know how to pick a park. We've also had some fun times playing with Lainie. She's been here. We've been there.  No matter where we get together a good time ensues! My friend, Anna, had us over to play at the park near her, too. She let me ride in her wagon, which was great! I decided, then and there, that this guy has got to get himself a wagon. I can ride, I can pull, I can flip the seats up and down and store important things inside, like empty water bottles and socks that just couldn't stand to be on my feet. Yep, a wagon it is. I got some great time in with Sully and Emerson this month, too. They surprised Rykerman for his birthday so we hung out multiple times. Those guys are great!
There was a lot of construction going on at our place, this month. Most days there was someone outside working on the exterior. We enjoyed watching the guys hammer and paint. More than that, there has been construction going on at our church and our CBS church, too. That kind of construction requires more than a hammer and paintbrush...we're talking scoops, mucks, rollies, cranes, and dizzies. My bro and I love to see the scoops and mucks, especially. We'll stay late, after church on Thursdays, and watch them dig and dump. It's awesome! Kind of wish I weren't strapped into my seat and could get in on that digging and dumping action, but I'm pretty excited just to watch, anyway.
I've been learning lots of new things, too. I sing songs and memory verses that I am being taught at CBS. I pay attention for devotions most mornings and also for Ryker's memory verses. I know a couple all by myself. I am reading about David, from the Bible, right now and I love for Mommy and Daddy to read stories about him to me before bed. I'm doing a better job of staying in my bed at night, now that Mom and Dad close the door. I think I am just a light sleeper, so any noise that comes from the house (furnace, furnace, furnace) usually wakes me up. With my door shut and my fan on, I get a nice, constant humming white noise all night long without the chore of having to wake up and walk into my parents room to get some rest. Besides, they take up a lot of room in that bed. I'm always having to stick my legs in their backs or bellies to try and get a bit of room for myself.
A big part of the month has been spent preparing for Ryker's birthday. This might not fly with some little brothers, but I was happy to let him take center stage because he's a pretty cool big brother. Plus, he shares really well, and he was having a superhero party, which sounded fun! I picked out two cars for him (The King and Miguel Camino) for a gift because he's been telling us for months that he needs those for his collection. He was so excited to open them! The other great thing about his birthday is that I get to see lots of family and friends. I played with my cousins when they came down to visit. I had a sword fight with my Grandma. I showed off my cape to Grammy & Papaw, Great Aunt Owi, Mimi, Terese, Uncle Tom and Aunt Nessa. I even got my own cape. Mom and Dad have long called me Captain D-Structo (something to do with my fondness for destroying things, I think). Mom made capes for the superhero theme, so Dad, Ryker, and I all have new hero gear to sport. I got to wear it at Ryker's super friends party. Grissom and I weren't much for fighting crime that day, so we hung out with our Mommies and stepped up for a couple of photo ops. I perked up once the pinata was busted and there was candy to be had. I'm a lot more compliant when a candy reward is on the negotiating table.
This has nothing to do with a candy bribe, but Mom and Dad have been telling me that I am doing better with obedience. We've been doing lots of praying about it. God is working on this fella's heart and I'm starting to listen and obey a little more each day. It's tough stuff, but I know it is a good thing.
With all the hero talk this month it was only natural for me to be a superhero for Halloween. Well, technically I asked if I could be Peter Pan because Ryker was going to be Jake of Jake and the Neverland Pirates. However, we couldn't find a Peter Pan costume and Mom has had her fill of sewing for at least 6 months or more. So, I was a superhero. Yeah, I know that it isn't until tomorrow, but our fall harvest party at church was this past weekend and I was Iron Man. Mom says I was the cutest Iron Man ever...I have to agree with her. I can't reveal what my plans are for tomorrow. Guess you'll have to check back next week (or at the end of November...if Mom doesn't let me have some screen time) to see. In the mean time, I've posted a month's worth of pictures for your enjoyment. I am also posting my birthday photos. I couldn't let R have all the birthday fun...and I didn't post them in August...we still wanted them to be a part of my blog, so you get lots of pictures of me today. You are welcome!
See you soon...
Tasty apple snack

Hay hill

At the top and hoping the wind settles down.

Yea for not eating our lunch because our friends are in town!

Flying a kite

Able to scale small fences in no time, flat!

Tasty pizza and breadsticks! Pizza parties are great!


Caped crusader

Mommy's HERO TRIO!

Ta dah!

I'm so strong!

Super cousins

Battle with Grandma

Happy Birthday, big brother!

Feeling less than super

Now we're talkin'! CANDY!

Flying high above the city.

Backyard full of capes!

"Brayden, let's get some cake."

Trunk or Treat (Mom, Me aka Iron Man, Captain America, Dad)

My birthday party pictures, from August...

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