Monday, April 11, 2011

One Man Band

This week I started exploring my musical abilities. Turns out I've got some rhythm (despite having Mommy's genes), so I shot a video playing my jingle bells, doing some singing, and if you watch closely you may even catch me waving a couple of newest trick to date.

The weather was great a few days this week, so I went outside and watched Ryker play baseball. I also watched Dad do some yard work and all of that was exhausting, so Ryker shared some water with me to cool me down. I can't wait til I can play ball with Ryker, but until then, I'll just relax on my belly and cheer for him.
I'm gonna be a baseball player just like Ryker, someday.

Keep taking pictures of me, Mom, and I'm going to have to grab that camera!

So thirsty

Thanks big bro!

Jingle, jingle, jingle

I found a new food that I like this week. I dig peaches (and peach/mango puffs) and have been eating a lot of them the last few days. Maybe my happy belly was to thank for me sleeping through the night, last night. What a welcome surprise for Mom and Dad!
I'm going to take a quick nap before heading outside for some more fun in the sun. Enjoy your week!

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