Sunday, May 15, 2011

For Mom

Ryker told me that Mom gets her very own day every year, to relax and enjoy time with us. This sounded like a lot of days around our house...well, maybe not the relax part. Anyway, we gave Mom a whole weekend of fun, complete with our other favorite moms: Grammy and Grandma!
I've been getting around pretty well...still doing my legless crawl, but getting speedier with each day. I am also pulling up to a stand on the couch. Watch out now! I'll be cruising any day!
This week I have a doctor's appointment and a 9 month birthday. Time is flying! I'll update next week with how big I am getting. Have a great week...

Fun outside with Grandma


Grammy time!

Mom's day

Had blueberries for the first very, very messy but TASTY!

Ryker has no idea that I am going to whip him someday. Enjoy it while you can, Rykerman!

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