Wednesday, November 30, 2011

15 Months

32 inches long; 22 lbs...getting bigger by the second! My fifteen month check up went really well! Mom and Dad are starting to see my personality emerge, too. I love saying new words. Most recently I have added cookie, shoe, sock, spoon (for spank you spoon...I'm pretty ornery), and hat to my repertoire. I love climbing and running and dancing. If there's a good tune on I just can't sit still, especially if my brother is giving a concert. I can't get enough of lights, in particular turning them on and off, on and off, and on and off again. What fun!
Speaking of fun, we had a great visit to Grammy & Papaw's for Thanksgiving. Our holiday weekend officially started on Wednesday night when Sully came over to visit. We slept really well that night. The next morning we watched the parade and then headed up to Peru for Grapes Grandma's house. We got to see lots of family and eat lots and lots of delicious food! We were on our best behavior, which made our parents so happy! I didn't even touch the ornaments on the Christmas tree. Yea me!

At Grammy & Papaw's we had Thanksgiving on Friday. We saw lots more family and even put up their giant Christmas tree. Ryker and I watched movies with Grammy and loved cuddling up with her for a few days. They put up some lights on the outside of their house, as did their neighbors. One of our favorite things to do was to walk next door and across the street (holding hands with Grammy, of course) and visit the inflatable Frosty and Santa and the Nativity. I am so excited for Christmas already!

When we got home, we put up our Christmas tree. It was kind of yucky outside, so we hustled through Home Depot and found one that suited us. Mom made cookies and hot cocoa and Dad strung up lights. Then we decorated. I wasn't much for the decorating process, as it took me away from my cookie eating. I love cookies. I love saying "cookie" and it seems stopping either activity would cause me to cry. Unfortunately, that isn't the healthiest for a growing boy, so then I started saying "night night" and asked to go to bed, shortly after the decorating was complete. The Christmas season is here and I am ready!

Stay warm and I will see you soon!

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