Friday, November 4, 2011


We had a fun filled weekend. It started with a birthday bash for my big brother. He turned three. We threw him a big party with lots of balloons (which I can say now) and cake and cookies and lots and lots of family and friends. He didn't really need any help opening up his presents even though it seemed like there was a mountain of them. I like birthday parties...even if it isn't mine...because I get to play with the toys. The best part is getting to see all of my family and friends!

The next day was Grammy & Papaw day. Mom and Dad went to a football game with my friend Brayden's parents. That meant we got to have a great day with my grandparents. Grammy ran all around the house with us. Papaw played cars with us. We got to go to church that night with them and enjoy the Harvest Party. There was lots of food and candy. I was dressed up as Thing 2 and my brother was Thing 1. I liked dressing up in my red outfit and getting my hair all bright blue. My day with Grammy & Papaw was so much fun!

Sunday I got to spend some time with Sully. He is walking now, so the two of us toddled around at church. I wish we weren't saying "goodbye" to the Spillmans, but I do look forward to visiting them soon!

Monday was Halloween, but before we could go trick-or-treating we had to go on a mini-road trip to visit Grammy. My brother had his first dentist appointment (fitting on Halloween, don't you think?) and Grammy went with us so that I didn't have to fend for myself in the waiting room. I went back and checked out what the dentist was doing to Ryker's mouth because I'll probably have to start going soon. My molars are just about in! Dr. Melody took a look at my teeth and said they looked great. We met Great Aunt Owi for lunch afterwards. I even got an ice cream cone for being such a good boy waiting on Ryker at the dentist's office. Then we went back to Grammy's. Owi got me a monster truck to play with and then I explored the spiral staircase. Grammy's house is sooooo fun!

After we got back home, it was time to eat dinner and head out to the street for some candy! Mommy made us some hotdog mummies and cheesy brains (aka mac n cheese) for dinner. I chomped mine down in no time! Then I got my hair sprayed blue once again. I went over to show off my costume to the Kernodles. They thought we were the cutest Things they had ever seen. I loved walking from house to house, and it seemed most of the people we passed on the sidewalk thought we were adorable Things, too. After quite a haul (even though I ate tootsie rolls throughout the walk) we headed up to Mindy & Vance's house to say hello. We had a great time visiting with them (and I had a good time climbing up the stairs there, new favorite hobby at houses without baby gates, it seems).

I hope you had a happy Halloween! See you soon...

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