Monday, November 21, 2011

Hit the road!

The last couple of weeks have been full of smiles for me. Grandma came down to visit me the first week of November and we had a great time together. We played outside and inside. I read lots of books. I am starting to like books a little more than before. I like the pictures and I make up my own stories (though I'm the only one that knows how they go). I am talking a lot more these days. I say some of my colors (yellow is my favorite to say, but I can say purple, blue, green, and orange), I use please and thank you fairly often, and I love to make animal sounds (especially doggy noises).

It's almost Thanksgiving, so that got Mommy headed for the attic to get our Christmas decorations out. She hung up our stockings by the chimney with care and then put a few other little things out. My favorite was the little people nativity. I like to carry the figures around. To celebrate the Christmas season we watched a movie about Christmas and why we celebrate the way that we do and how they all have to do with Jesus' birthday. It was a good movie, especially since I got to enjoy it with my first hot chocolate and some popcorn (hulls removed of course).

I played with a lot of friends the last couple of weeks. Brayden and Jacey and Lainie have all been over for play time. Lainie got into a game of baseball with us. We love to run!

Last week was a lot of fun. We took a road trip to visit Sully and his family in Illinois. I slept most of the four hour drive. I woke up just in time to tell Mommy that I needed lunch. She treated us to McD's (french fries are so tasty) and then we drove the last 45 min to our destination. It was fun to see them. Sully is running all over with me now. I think one of the highlights, for me, was getting to be around Brutus (their doggy). He was a little grumpy, but that didn't stop me from chasing him around the house constantly and woofing at him. His tail is so pretty I just wanted to grab it! Sully and I went to an orchard. I loved the cider donuts. They had a giant playground there. It took me less than five minutes to find the biggest puddle on the premises and dive right in. My camera happy Mom couldn't stop me in time so I was filthy the rest of the morning. I love to be messy! It makes Mommy marvel at how different Ryker and I are. He likes to be clean and can't stand anything on his hands. I, on the other hand, love dirt and sink my hands into anything and everything. They had a sand silo at the park and I was loving it! They also had a petting zoo so I fed the goats and pet the llama. That endeavor took two hands so their are no photos of that. I love animals!

That wraps up the fun of the last couple of weeks. Thanks for checking in on me. I am so thankful for all of the people in my life! I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving  and take time to thank God for all the people in yours, too!

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