Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hanging with the guys...

 Football, pulled pork, and a big comfy couch...does it get any better than this? Daddy, Ryker, and I spent most of the weekend enjoying the games. It's a good thing Mom likes football, too, because the 3 boys are all about it!
 We got a visit from my new buddy Brayden recently. Our Dads showed us how to play foosball. Ryker and our Mommies watched with us. It was quite the showdown. In the end, my Daddy pulled off the victory! Yea Daddy!
 It wasn't all guy time this week. I got to see my Great Grandma and my Grammy and Papaw. I love to see them! They gave Mom a break from us for a little bit. She worked in a quick run (thus the wet hair in the picture) without a stroller for the first time in who knows how long!
All this fun makes a boy tuckered!

Next week I'll be one month old. Can you believe how fast time flies? Check back then for more pictures...

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