Tuesday, September 7, 2010

So that's where Daddy goes...

The past week has been much more of the same: meeting lots of new people and doing lots of new things. I am still sleeping really well at night, but I've developed a bit of high maintenance tendencies during the day. Hey, can you blame a guy for wanting to be held and moved constantly? I got my first real bath this week. Ryker helped Mommy with that. I quite like the nice warm water. Ryker told me I was pretty tough because I didn't even cry.

This past week saw the start of football season. Here's my best attempt at "touchdown"!
We took a long car trip (yep, I was a loud passenger) to see Daddy play softball on Sunday. I really liked the sling that Mom carried me around in all day and night. I think I'll appreciate this softball stuff next summer. Most recently, I got to see where Daddy goes each day. He calls it work, but I barely made it past the front desk where Annette greeted me with open arms. I like visiting Daddy!

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