Thursday, September 23, 2010

Third Wheel?

My parents recently went on a marriage retreat with their friends from Covenant (their Sunday school class). It was a weekend thing with some great speakers named Jill & Mark Savage. I know because I got to go with them! It was my first time in a hotel, and I had a great time. I slept like a champ, giving Mom and Dad the ability to listen to the speakers, enjoy a delicious dinner, and even have some conversation that didn't revolve around dirty diapers and other baby stuff. I know, I know, I'm such a good boy. I did make it back just in time Sunday to see Grandma for a little bit. All that retreat stuff tuckered me out.

This past week I hit the one month mark! I had a doctor's appointment, where I got a great report. I've grown half an inch in length and gained almost 3 lbs...putting me at 11 # 4.5 oz. Before you know it I will be big like Ryker! Mom took me to have my first photo shoot done to celebrate the milestone. My big brother even took a few shots with me.

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