Saturday, March 12, 2011

Rough week...

Ol' blue eyes
 As I type this, we're going on 13 days of me feeling crummy. I'll spare you the details and just tell you that my belly hurts. I've been to the doctor twice and they aren't sure what is going on. I am waiting for lab results to see if I have an infection. Despite the crummy health the last couple of weeks, I am still in good spirits usually (except when I am waking up three times a night). I am hanging in there though and hope to be feeling better soon!
Mom decided one day that she would take a picture of me napping, by my aquarium light. Didn't turn out very well, but at least there is physical evidence that despite what she may say, I do actually sleep from time to time.
Mom has been lacking sleep with my frequent waking, so I thought I'd cheer her up a bit and say Mama last Monday. Granted, it was in the middle of a crying fit, but she'll take what she can get. I also said "Ra Ra" this week a few times. That's my way of saying Ryker. Not too bad for a guy that's six and a half months old!
It was a rough week for our plumbing at the house, too. Sometime last weekend we sprung a leak under the floor. Uncle Tim and Auntie Mimi came to see us and try to help us fix it. I love spending time with them. Auntie Mimi is such a good snuggler!

Due to the illness we stayed at home a lot this week. I spent time in the bouncer. I am getting so good at bouncing and playing with my toys.
Big smiles from a big boy!

I can only be cooped up for so long, though, so we went to visit Grammy and Papaw this weekend and stop by to see Rilei at her birthday party. I missed out on pizza (though I am eating yogurt and sweet potatoes really well) but I got to have a great time with my family.
Checking out the pop-a-shot action
Me and my Grammy
Great Grandma and Aunt Maims
Family time!

I also got to visit my Grapes Grandma and made some new friends that I'll tell you about next time. Hopefully I will be feeling better, too! See you soon!

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